Hello, it’s me.


HELLO THERE!  Thank you so much for taking the time to stop in and check out my new blog.  I hope you are as excited as I am about this, because I can’t wait to share all of my shenanigans and adventures with you!

So, first things first.  Introoooductions!  My name is Kara!  I am currently 24 years old and am from the great state of Ohio.  I use the term great loosely, because you know, sometimes Ohio is nice.  And sometimes we experience all 4 seasons in like, 72 hours.  I am not even exaggerating on this.  Anyhow, I currently work part time as a secretary for a radio station, which is really fun.  Right now I’m also studying to get my insurance licensing with an end goal of selling equine insurance!  Which brings us to a very important extension of myself- my horse!  My horse is named Sweetie, and she is a lovely 18 year old registered American Quarter Horse.  We used to show the AQHA circuit pretty heavy back in my teens, and I am setting a goal of showing the circuit again pretty heavily next year!  Some of my other hobbies include writing (obviously), painting, netflix (that counts, right?), fashion, and reading!  Hence the name Flourish and Blogs!  My blog title is inspired by Flourish and Blotts, the bookstore in my MOST FAVORITE book series ever: Harry Potter!  91,000 house points to your respective houses if you picked up on that.

So, my goal with this blog is to share my life and my thoughts with you guys in a way that is hopefully relatable to you and can help you along the way.  While it is something I have personally always struggled with, in the past year I was diagnosed with depression and a panic disorder.  I want to talk about everyday life, the things we enjoy, the things that make us cry, the things that make us laugh until we cry, and every experience in-between.  I’ve been through a lot, and particularly there have been a lot of changes as well as things I’d never expect to happen over the past year.  My goal is to have fun, and to show everybody that no matter what, everything will be okay if you just put your mind to it!  We’re going to talk about the everyday things that seem ordinary and find the extraordinary in them.  I feel like promoting a positive outlook while being honest about the hard stuff makes such a huge difference.  Hopefully you agree!

I am planning on updating at least twice a week!  If there are any questions or specific topics you’d like me to cover, leave me a comment or scroll up to shoot me an email!  Like I said above, we are pretty much going to cover anything and everything here!  I am so looking forward to getting to know everyone and sharing all that I manage to get myself into with you!

Until next time, make good choices…

xx Kara


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