Shark Bait.

Hey guys!  Hope you all had the most excellent of weekends!  I had a lovely time running around with some friends and buying some new furniture for my apartment.  Everything got moved in today, so you could say my Monday was pretty great as well!  Still need a couple of things, but it’s definitely feeling pretty nice and cozy.

So, onward!  I bet you’re a bit curious about the “Shark Bait” title.  And if you’re not, and were just hoping to see some sharks, I’m sorry.  No actual sharks will make an appearance today.


I lied, here’s a shark.

   Shark Bait is something I call myself when I get really anxious in social situations.  ESPECIALLY if I have to do them by myself!  As I mentioned before, in this blog I definitely want to identify some of the every day issues someone living with anxiety or a panic disorder deals with, and today we are going to do just that!

    Sometimes, especially recently, I’ve felt like I just can’t do things on my own.  Not that I shouldn’t do them alone, like I literally cannot.  I get so nervous because I think to myself “if something goes wrong, what will I do without so and so” and things like that.  It can sometimes feel like I’m drowning.  Seeing as how you cannot rely on someone to be there 24/7, which by the way, is totally fair, I have been practicing some exercises that have really helped me out!  So I’d like to share with you and talk about a few of them now!

  • The first thing is more of a realization.  And that is the fact that I do not need someone all the time.  I am a completely capable person, and if something goes wrong or triggers my anxiety, I am in control.  I just take my time, take as many deep breathes as I need, and evaluate the situation.  It’s amazing how quickly I can calm myself down if I just give myself a few minutes to feel what I am feeling, instead of constantly trying to fight it while wondering what I am going to do without someone there.  It’s kind of like learning to live without a safety blanket.  I won’t lie to you, it is really hard.  And if you struggle with an anxiety or panic disorder like me, you know what I am talking about.  I used to even get to the point where I would get furious if somebody wasn’t there for me.  But the truth is, can we count on people?  Yes.  Absolutely, that is totally fair.  But can we expect someone to be able to drop everything they are doing any time we are struggling?  No, not every time.  The thing that has helped me the most is realizing that hey, I can do this.  I will give myself as much time as I possibly need to move past my anxiety or panic.  9 times out of 10 I feel better after less than 10 minutes.  Give yourself time, and remind yourself that you are in control.  If you need to remove yourself from that situation or if you become to uncomfortable, you can leave!  That is totally okay!!!  Or if you feel comfortable enough, continue on doing what you were doing because YOU CAN DO THIS.  I know it’s hard, and I hope this makes sense to you guys.  But constantly reminding myself I can handle myself and that I am in control has been such a huge and liberating thing for me recently.  I hope it helps you too!
  • Another thing I have started is making A LIST!!!  I literally love making lists (I know, super weird), so I thought I would make a list of things that I’d normally not do by myself, and I would do them by myself!!!  I feel like this will give me a chance to not only challenge and push myself when it comes to those moments when anxiety or panic hits, but I think it will really boost my confidence in myself too!  So far on my list I have:  Grocery shopping, seeing a movie, going to the mall, going horseback riding, and finally going out to eat.  I plan on adding more tasks, and I’m allowing myself a 2 week time period to try them all out!  I’ll keep you updated on the list and on how things go!  I really feel like this will be a good exercise for me.  If anyone has tried something similar, let me know!

I hope this was a little bit helpful, whether you struggle with any of these things or not!  If you have a friend who has anxiety, a panic disorder, or anything similar, educating yourself is really helpful to both parties and important too!  I’ll definitely be posting a lot more of my personal journey with this, as well as more tips and anything I come up with along the way in some more upcoming blogs!  If you guys have any topics or questions you’d like covered, head over to my Contact Me tab!  I’ll also be posting more contact information in my Featured Content if you’d prefer to stay anonymous!

I hope you all have a great night, and any shenanigans that you get yourself into are the best kind!

xx Kara





6 thoughts on “Shark Bait.

  1. Mira says:

    you touched on something that is really important when living with anxiety. sometimes you have to let yourself feel what you feel, accept it, sit with it and then keep moving. I struggle with self-validation too but I’m working on it in therapy and just try remind myself that progress is progress. I also love your goals of things to do on your own, I’m slowly but surely making my way through a similar list of :adult: tasks, I’m def adding a movie to the list!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I pray that you overcome at the end. I love these tips because we all have those moments when we feel like we need someone to help booste our person… we rely on people other than ourselves and therefore put blames on them or hate them. But really, learning to rely on oneself is great than being overly dependant. This is not to say we shouldn’t seek the help of others when need be. OK, let me just stop here 😂😄. Great therapy post.. keep it up🌸💓


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