Friday Favorites: 10/14/16


GREAT NEWS: I’m alive.  I cannot believe I let 10 days go by without a post.  I’m so sorry, guys.  Life got crazy for a minute, and I promise to update you all in a separate post over the weekend!!!  WHICH IS HERE!!!  Thank god, am I right?  So it’s time for another Friday Favorites, and I’ve got some great stuff for you guys this week.  Shall we?


Get out, right now!  I MET JOJO!!!!

1.  THIS HAPPENED!!!  So, my inner high school kid was living when I was invited to meet JoJo this past week.  Like, what?!  She has a new album that just came out, and we got to hear the new music LIVE before the public.  Not only are the new songs amazing, but she was absolutely brilliant live.  JoJo was also super sweet, and gives some pretty spectacular hugs as well.  I was so excited, but somehow manage to keep my cool.  Definitely a great experience!!!



2.  Okay, so as a horse person, my favorite time of the year is the month of October!!!  Not just for Halloween and pumpkin spice everything, but also for the All American Quarter Horse Congress.  For my non-horse readers, the Congress is the BIGGEST horse show in the world, as well as the 3rd biggest convention in the USA besides the democrat and republican conventions.  It’s the entire month of October and it’s essentially one giant, really high class fair.  On top of the horse show, there is all the shopping and bling your heart could ever desire.  And as a fan of retail therapy, it’s my own personal heaven.  I’ve had the privilege of showing here several times and it’s amazing.  I’m also EXTREMELY blessed to be starting a new adventure involving the Congress, but those details will be coming later.  Just trust me now, I am so excited and it’s an amazing opportunity.  Can’t wait to share with you guys.


This song could also be called “All The Feels”.

3.  11 Blocks is such a tune.  I’m going to link the video below.  I really relate to the song, and the lyrics are beautiful.  It’s a breakup song, but it’s got such a good vibe to it.  “Doesn’t feel right when I’m grabbing a coffee, same old spot but I’m on my own” and other lyrics just resonate with anyone who’s ever gone from having someone in their life, to having that person gone from their life.  Definitely give it a listen!  You won’t regret it.  You can never go wrong with such a powerful song.

Wrabel- 11 Blocks

4.  SPOILER ALERT!!!  So, who watched the finale of RuPaul’s All-Stars?  I DID!!!  I won’t lie to you, Alaska has been my favorite queen from any season ever for the longest time.  Katya is a close second.  However, in the episode the week before the finale, Alaska had the most unattractive, and quite frankly bratty, breakdown.  I was so disappointed in her actions as a fan.  This, by no means, is taking anything away from her talent.  Because honestly, that girl is amazing.  But suddenly I found myself pulling for Katya!  She is hilarious, and while she embodies this character, I also feel like she’s so real and down to earth.  I was really impressed with her and happy for her this season.  It was by far an incredible episode.  I was happy that Alaska ended up getting the crown, but I found myself a little sad for Katya too.  I love you both, ladies!



5.  My girl is back at it again.  I will not lie to you and start out with the obvious: I absolutely ugly cried when I first heard this song.  Million Reasons is so emotional and so incredibly raw.  I think a lot of her album will be this way, and I’m looking forward to that as a whole.  I feel like I’m currently in this really weird place in life, and Gaga just gets it.  Especially with this song.  Ugh, it’s just so good you guys.  It’s about someone giving you a million reasons to let them go but you’re hanging on to the one reason to stay.  I can relate to that right now more than ever, and I’m sure you can too.  Check it out and let me know what you think, as the link will be below.  I can’t believe this time next week we’ll have a new Gaga album to listen to EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!  Haha!!  But seriously, I’m so excited and I can’t wait.

Lady Gaga – Million Reasons

And that brings us to the end of this weeks favorites!!!  I hope you guys find some happy in the things that made me happy this week!!!  Like I said, I’m sorry for dropping the ball over the past week and will definitely be giving you guys a life update and explanation this weekend.  Thank you so much for sticking around and supporting my blog!  So we’ll meet back here later?  Same place?  Sounds like a plan to me!!!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!!!  As usual, make good choices!!!

xx Kara


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