Friday Favorites 10.28.16

147142-lady-gaga-quote-it-s-always-wrong-to-hate-but-it-s-never-wrong-to    We made it through another week!!!  It’s crazy to think how close we are to the end of 2016 already, isn’t it?  I don’t know about you but I’m definitely ready for this year to be in the books!  The good thing is that it’s FRIDAY, and it means another list of my favorite things from the past week (or 2 weeks, because I was out of town last week)!  This week is going to be a bit different, because I’ve had a few requests come in to write up a personal playlist for you guys!  Music is something that is so important to me, so I was more than happy to oblige.  When I get super anxious or am feeling really down, 9 times out of 10 I put my iPhone on shuffle and just listen.  So here are a few songs from the past week, some new and some old, that I really loved and enjoyed!  I’ll be linking each of them, either via youtube or itunes depending on what is available!  These are in no particular order, except for maybe the first song…

  1. Grigio Girls- Lady Gaga (Track 12)
  2. The Yawning Grave- Lord Huron
  3. 2 Heads- Coleman Hell
  4. Dark Matter- Andrew Belle
  5. Hollywoodn’t- Sharon Needles
  6. If It Don’t Work Out- Anthony D’Amato
  7. Pasture- Down Like Silver
  8. High Hopes- Kodaline
  9. Tear It Up- Matt Simons
  10. Dear Doubt- Michael Schulte

Picking just 10 of my favorite songs from the week was WAY more difficult that I anticipated!  But I didn’t want to throw out a lengthy list of songs at you right from the get go, so let me know if you enjoyed getting a peek into my music library!  If so, we could definitely work this into something that’s a more permanent part of Friday Favorites!  Feel free to send me music suggestions too!

Now, before we wrap up this Friday, I want to share two of my general favorite things from this past week below!

Rissa B Photography

  I absolutely love photography.  There is something beautiful about the way someone so talented and creative captures little moments with a camera, and Rissa B Photography is no different.  Her pictures are absolutely stunning.  She is an up and coming photographer with more creativity and artistic vision in her pinky than I have in my entire body.  If you love looking at photography, or are even looking for a photographer in the future, check out her facebook and instagram for more information!  Both are going to be linked below!

Rissa B Photography Facebook

Rissa B Photography Instagram


Monday’s With Malerie: Once Upon A Time Periscope Recap!

    Now, I know what you’re thinking, Once fans: Mary Margaret has a weekly periscope show?  Nope!  This is Malerie McDonald, who has a recap show on periscope every Monday after Once Upon A Time airs Sunday night.  If you’re a fan of the show, this is a must watch for you.  Watching Snow White’s actual doppelgänger discuss the happenings of the episode is awesome, informative, funny, and an overall great experience for any fan.  Malerie gives you her thoughts, while interacting with your own and answering any questions you might have!  In doing so, she remains unbiased to ships and is super entertaining.  As a huge fan of the show, I cannot stress to you how highly I recommend this recap!  She posts to twitter when the periscope will start, so I’d also recommend following Malerie there as well.  I will everything below!  Enjoy, Once fans!

Malerie’s Periscope

Malerie’s Twitter

Malerie’s Instagram

   And that’s a wrap on this weeks favorites.  Same time and place next week?  Enjoy the weekend, guys!

xx Kara





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