I’m Kara!  I am 24 years old and currently living in Ohio.  I love music, writing, painting, reading, traveling, and pajamas.  My favorite book series of all time is Harry Potter.  My favorite place in the world is a solid tie between New York City and Paris.  If you were to ask me what the greatest movie ever is, I’d tell you Silver Linings Playbook because I am an optimist and a hopeless romantic.  Some of my favorite TV shows are Once Upon A Time, American Horror Story, Stranger Things, and Orange Is The New Black.  I really, really, really love dogs.  If you have a dog, I would like to pet it.  I have a yorkie/maltese named Molly.  I also have an American Quarter Horse, and her name is Sweetie.  Most importantly (okay not really but still), I am a unicorn enthusiast, because let us be honest with ourselves, what kind of person doesn’t like unicorns?




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